Where are the main advantages and characteristics of Li-Neng Steel Nail Line Cards?

The steel nail wire clip is a plastic product. The injection molding process of PE raw materials is highly plastic, impact resistant and never cracked. The product series is nail type, and the steel nail is immediately attached with an online free card, which can reduce a lot of comprehensive operation time and reduce the cost of the project. Operation steps: put the flat cable into the card, nail it on the wall with a hammer, and fix the flat cable. Scope of application: general building wiring and fixed cables.

As the main product for indoor and outdoor cable fixing, the main materials of steel nail wire clips are plastic and cement nails. Of course, its high quality lies in better fixing, and it is stronger in corrosion resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance, and it is non-toxic. It is an environmentally friendly product, so it has better environmental performance in the process of use, and it is also very stable in terms of stability. The characteristics of not easy to burst and good pulling force are very clear, so how to choose better is very important, so it needs to be better grasped according to the actual situation, and the sense of quality will be better.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the use of steel nail wire clips can better fix the cable, and the fixing effect is better. Of course, there will be different styles in different occasions, and the colors can also be customized, so these are all to better realize the fixation of cables, and these are aspects worthy of our attention. After all, as a plastic product, it is made of high-quality polyethylene plastic, which can better satisfy the fixation of communication and power cables, and achieve a better regular effect.

Of course, choosing a steel nail line card with a more suitable specification can better meet the requirements of use and have better performance during use. After all, as a product used for fixing wires, it can better improve the efficiency of wire fixing, reduce construction costs, and have a longer service life, so it has become the most popular wire fixing clip.

Post time: Sep-28-2022