How to determine which type of nylon cable ties you need?

I will teach you how to determine the model required in actual use

1. First, confirm the working conditions, whether it is normal natural environment or highly corrosive environment, and select appropriate materials according to different environments

2. Generally speaking, the specification of plastic ties is width * length. If the bound object is relatively large, it needs a larger specification. Different types of ties, such as stainless steel ties and nylon ties, are selected according to different situations.

3. In order to determine a good brand, it is recommended to select a brand with good cost performance on the premise of meeting the requirements. The choice of lace up is not the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better. To know whether you are expensive, you must have a high-quality nylon tie to ensure whether there is the possibility of water. If it is too cheap, it may not be good. Some finished products of nylon cable ties are cheaper than raw materials, which is obviously due to the jerry built by the manufacturers of nylon cable ties.

4. A customer asked a question, will the nylon cable tie break? After the nylon cable ties are produced, we will conduct a tensile test. For example, it will break only when the tension reaches. Each of our products must pass the test before delivery

5. Why can’t the tension of the strap in the sample room be reached? As the strap in the sample room is wet and has moisture, the tension will be different after being placed for a long time.

With the development of economy, there are many manufacturers producing nylon cable ties all over the country. However, there are great differences in technology and quality. In the whole consumer goods market, quality is intertwined. For the whole market, it is inevitable that customers only need to be cheap. No matter how good the quality is, they can use it. In view of the shortcomings of the tie products, it is impossible to benefit from the brand.

Post time: Sep-28-2022