Analysis of the reasons why the tie is easy to break

The cable tie is a very common daily necessities. It is rarely used at ordinary times and seldom pays attention to the reasons for the breakage of the cable ties in use.

First of all, the breakage of the cable tie needs to meet the following requirements

1. The low temperature resistance of nylon 66 itself is relatively poor, and it is normal for it to break when the weather is cold in winter. If you want to solve this problem, you can add some raw materials that are relatively resistant to low temperature and have better compatibility with nylon 66. Or replace the long carbon chain nylon with better low temperature resistance. We have materials to solve the winter breakage of nylon 66 cable ties

2. Don’t think that the finely packaged granules are pure raw materials. Most of them are modified products of secondary granulation. They will inevitably undergo multiple high-temperature shearing shapes. The molecular structure of the raw materials itself has undergone great changes, and the performance has been reduced by most degradation, oxidation, etc. Nylon cable ties must ensure its flexibility. Usually nylon has a water absorption rate of 3-8%. When the molecular structure is destroyed, no matter how to cook, other water absorption methods are useless, which determines its brittleness. Of course, it is easy to break ;

3. The relationship between the injection molding process is also very important. For the convenience of molding and simple operation, by increasing the temperature of the barrel, speeding up the injection time of injection molding, etc., there will also be quality problems in the body of the cable tie. , some are filled with unsatisfactory voids, and so on. There are many types of nylon raw materials. Choose the appropriate flexible system, such as single 6, etc. to be used together; the injection molding process must be strictly limited and optimized; to avoid excessive processing damage to the raw materials. Generally speaking, it is a meticulous and targeted improvement from the raw materials and injection molding process.


Depends on the specific situation. If it is a small-sized nylon cable tie, it is easy to break if it is pulled too hard during use; if it does not reach the normal tension, it is easy to break, then there is a problem with the quality of the cable tie itself (some are made of recycled materials and new materials). Generally not); there is also use in low temperature and relatively dry places, ordinary cable ties are easy to break (because the cable ties are relatively brittle at this time, and the water loss is faster), then you must explain to the manufacturer when purchasing Choose a cable tie with better toughness according to the use environment.

Post time: Sep-28-2022